Class 1 week 7

I haven’t updated this blog for a few weeks now. Things have indeed been a bit busy, but there’s also the matter of just making this blogging task a habit.

There are many things I’d like to share. I’ll try to be concise and focused when I do, to not ramble. But then again, that’s also what a blog is for, perhaps?

I’m behind in my revision work, but otherwise on top of my assignments. I’d really like to polish things up. As you can see, I’m preferring to polish before I post. That’s just the way I feel about this right now. Within the “hallways” of Animation Mentor I’ll hash things out with the fellow students and mentors; and then when that is all said and done, I’ll feel ready to share with everyone else out here.

Here is my first rough plan for this week’s assignment:

We get to use the Tailor rig for the first time, in the first bit of character work. Of course, some of us have already been treating the simple rigs received so far with a degree of character treatment. Maybe a bit too much so, regarding my efforts last week. But hey, it didn’t come out half bad.