Spacing analysis: a simple step-to-the-side

Thought I'd share a bit of spacing analysis I did today, a clip from Disney's Song Of The South, Brer Rabbit doing a simple step-to-the-side. Plotting the path of the eyes. (I devised a Photoshop action that automates compiled images from short sequences). I am seeking a more in-depth understanding of timing and spacing. This example has a fascinating abrupt change of direction, what we would refer to as a (sharply) broken tangent in 3D. It's an interesting case. The change of direction is instananeous - as far as I can see (if not, the ease-in would still only be about 1 frame). It's a good example of snappy timing. Would you have realized there was such an "abstract" path of action just from watching the clip? The result has appeal. That appeal is grounded in the good timing-spacing in particular, from among all the Principles.

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