AM Class 5 Shot 2, early rough stages

So here's my Class 5 Shot 2 in its early rough stages.
I'm really eager to move past this point. However, I do want to ensure I cover enough ground at planning stages to enable decent results. This clip shows video reference with drawover planning for keyframes and breakdowns. The drawover work permits me to think it out a bit more carefully before I actually launch into the posing process; aiming to put thought before actions.
After the basic poses and blocking ideas are in place, segments can also be given additional layers of detail sourced from further processes of re-filmed ref or analysis of other sources. And then, around that point, it also takes on a life of its own and most refinement continues via reflecting directly on the scene, and putting in changes based on feedback.
The blocking here is still very rough, lots left to be done before blocking is complete. I'm so glad we have a few more weeks for working on this assignment!

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