Basic Foundations, week 2

Sketches from this week:
We were to draw people in public places, then select a pose and pose the Stu rig in this position.

I found it quite interesting how I had to adapt my drawing style for the context. I began all "artsy" with stuff like this:

But I quickly realized that although I was putting in all sorts of "visual interest", information most useful for constructing good poses was sparse. The combined factors of focusing on pose and needing to be quick to capture fleeting moments caused me ease into a more pragmatic gestural approach like this:

This look ends up being more in line with "standard" drawing methods for animators, such as those outlined in Walt Stanchfield's "Gesture Drawing for Animation". It's pose-focused and efficient. In this context, the details of a figure are a secondary thing. If it were a matter of 2d animation, visual-interest details would also be time-consuming liabilities.

I chose the following sketch to submit:

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