Tomorrow will be my first day of school at Animation Mentor. I'm opening this blog to accompany the learning process. A new world of learning and challenges lies before me.

Animation work to-date can be seen at my website:

I am particularly looking forward to participating in the community of animators, and to the expert instruction of the mentors. I've already had the chance to chat with many of the students online. It's a positive turn on a road that has, up until now, been all too often an "island experience".

Special thanks up-front to:
Mom and Dad, and especially Dad's unparalleled creative spirit.
My wife Tsitsi: yes, I should have done this years ago, as you had first suggested.
Uncle Ron: in ways that can't be expressed.
Jay: you're in there too. I know you will celebrate my successes.
David Grantham: For pointing me to Animation Mentor, and showing me from the onset just how long this road is.

And btw Dad, thanks for buying me that way-too-expensive animation program on the old Atari 1040 ST, 20+ years ago. 3D computer animation has stuck with me ever since. Even though it was barely functional, and all the work done on it was lost years ago.

Tsitsi & us are just back from a great Christmas in Calgary with my family there (we're based in Toronto, Canada).
A special treasure I managed to dig out of boxes from long ago:
Two flipbook animations, my official first animations.

Made in 1985, when I was 11.

If I can manage to find a good way of doing it, I'll share a clip of this.
Perhaps my "number 1 dime" in this adventure. Not for luck, as such. But rather, for me, a point of reference.

And now here we go.

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