Animation Mentor Class 1 Progress Reel (first of 6 classes)

Here is my first Animation Mentor progress reel, the compiled work from Class 1. I've just spent much of the last two weeks polishing it up. I'm very glad I carefully went through all my critique videos from Jon Collins before the end of term, because we lose access to them with the start of each new class. The classes are 12 weeks long, and there are six in total.

I learned TONS. I couldn't begin to describe.
You also get only as much out of something like this as you put in, so I'm putting in as much time and effort as I can get ahold of pretty much every week.

I really have to repeat that the revision work over the last two weeks alone has been a major learning experience. I can already see the improvement, easily spotting problem areas that weren't on my radar at the start of the process.

Jon was a great mentor, he did a really good job. His feedback was awesome, he really pinpointed key and essential things to improve each time.

Tailor and Pendulum were the hardest two assignments by far. The two went through many fixes to get to their presented form.

The obstacle course was fun. As you can see I opted to design my own rather than use one of the courses on the AM picklist.

I'm really enjoying the social aspects of the school. It's an excellent contrast to past years of efforts I've spent working on my own as a freelancer. One more reason a studio animation career is an attractive proposition.

I'd love to share some regarding the lessons I'm learning, but I'm not sure where I'd start. I might put in some samples of my musings in future postings, we'll see.


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