The outer limits of Walk

Something that occurred to me regarding extremes and limits. The context is that of walk cycles, and the general shape of the Y (up/down) Translate parameter in the Graph Editor / Animation Editor.

The general gist of this thought was covered in video lectures. However, I think this is an interesting diagrammatic distillation of the matter. So, on the extreme light side, you'd be getting someone who's almost "skipping along": no shortage of energy to "pop" out of the contacts, something not much different from the motion of a bouncing ball. Then on the other extreme, the majority of the motion is the labour of heaving one's weight through the contact segment; doubtless mainly two-legged contact, with fast "ups" to quickly plant the feet for the next swing-through.

And right through the middle, a Sine-like curve for good ol' Vanilla.

If only everything were so simple as a diagram suggests. But I think it holds up, I quite like it.

(What flavors are the other two walks? Maybe "skippy" is strawberry, and "hefty" is chocolate?)

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