Regarding long lists of names

Just wanted to show off Jon Collins in the credits of Pixar's UP. It's the first time I've been able to say "I know that guy!" when looking at the credits of a big screen movie. Go Jon! Up with Jon!

My parents like to comment on how one day they'll see me "up there in the credits" one day.
It's funny how that's "as good as it gets" for us, down here on earth.
I could spend a lifetime to "just" get my name down on a list.

Definitely! If it's "the right sort of list" to be on. A good list. Then sure. That's fine by me.

But even if I don't, they'd love me all the same. It's a real blessing, that.

My oldest son loves watching the credits at the end of movies. I used to always think it was an acquired taste. Nah. He'll play them over and over. It's for the music, mainly. But he's already trying to read the words too. (He's 5 years old now).

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